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Loan Against Security's - LAS

LAS is a facility where client can avail loan by mortgaging securities as collateral in favor of lender like Nuvama Wealth Finance Limited (Formerly Edelweiss Finance and Investment Limited). The loan amount will be determined on the basis of valuation of mortgaged securities post applicable haircuts.


What are ESOPs?

The word ESOPs stand for Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). It involves granting some ownership stake in the company to employees (some or all) with a view to create ownership attitudes. It helps to align employee's interests with that of the company and its shareholders. ESOPs are in the form of Stock Options.


What is IPO Financing?

The IPO Financing product is a Loan Facility offered for applying in Primary Market Issues (IPOs and FPOs). With this product Investors can apply for IPOs by investing only Margin amount (specified for each IPO separately), rest amount will be funded by Nuvama Wealth Finance Ltd (Formerly Edelweiss Finance & Investments Limited).



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