Our Offerings

Customized Financing schemes for your unique requirements

At Nuvama Wealth Finance Limited (Formerly Edelweiss Finance and Investment Limited) we understand the financial limitations and documentation complexities that are faced by an individual when he/she decides to exercise their Options. With our customer centric service approach we ensure that every individual's financial needs are met in a customized manner. We have ensured that our financing services make exercising of your ESOP fast, easy, transparent, cost-effective and hassle free so that when you exercise your Options, your happiness is not dampened by the complexities you face while exercising it.

Nuvama Advantage:

  • Pedigree and Experience
    • A Reputed Group: We are a part of Nuvama Group - one of India’s leading financial services conglomerate. It has a client base of over 2,400 of India's wealthiest families as well as ~670,000 affluent and high net-worth individuals.
    • Market Leadership: We are the market leaders from over 10 years in the domain of ESOP financing having corporate tie-ups with more than 100 reputed corporate in India
  • Customer Centricity
    • Easy Process and Documentation: We know how important your time is, thus we have kept the process short and simple and the documentations easy and hassle free. We have also ensured that if and when you require a repeat loan, your documentations are kept down to minimum possible.
    • Dedicated to you, ALWAYS!: From being the only platform to provide you access to ESOP funding online, to having a dedicated Customer Care toll-free number for your concerns and queries; from having flexible plans ranging from 1 day to 13 months, to having flexible repayment options, all our services are always dedicated to you and your needs.
  • Speed and Transparency
    • Speedy Loans: We have aligned our processes to ensure that our turnaround time is faster so that you don’t need to wait for long.
    • Trustworthy Relationship: We believe that a relationship blossoms on trust, and trust and transparency both go hand in hand, thus we have ensured that we are transparent at all stages of relationship with you.
  • Schemes to Suit All
    • Wide range of schemes: We understand that everyone has their different set of requirements and thus we provide wide range of schemes available from as less as 1 day to 13 months.
    • Customized Schemes: We are also always open to provide customized schemes if none of the existing schemes suit your needs.
    • Cashless: We understand that being a salaried individual it is a difficult for you to pay interest every month, as it becomes an added burden over your monthly expenses. Hence, we provide loans where you don't have to pay any upfront fees, nor do you have to service interest on a monthly basis nor will we compound the interest.
  • Customer Servicing
    • Experienced Service Desk: We have dealt with various large as well as small corporate clients in the past and we use this experience and expertise to address your needs better
    • E-mail and SMS alert: We know that you always like to be informed but cannot usually take time out of your busy lives. Our email and SMS alerts will ensure that at every stage of the processing you are aware and in the loop.
    • Customer Care Center: Your needs are important to us and so are your concerns, queries and feedback. We understand that at various stages of the process, you require someone who can answer your questions, solve your queries and listen and act upon your feedback. This is exactly what our Customer Care Center strives to do. You can contact us at 040 49059999 Extn:112 or you can write to us at esop.finance@nuvama.com
    • Market Advisory: To ensure that you make the best of your resources, we also guide you with timely advice on your investments and also on the exit strategy
    • Tax Liability Statements: We also provide customized statements for you to help you identify your tax liability
  • Online Access
    • Online funding:We are currently one of the first platforms, if not the first, to provide access for ESOP funding online in India.
    • Online Servicing: All your servicing related requirements will now be addressed easily – all you need to do is just logon and access your account online.
  • Flexible Repayment Options

    We have ensured that even while paying back your loans, you are not out of options. You can pay back the loan in a manner that you are comfortable with from the below mentioned options:

    • Through sale of Stock Options which were funded by us
    • Through cheque/online transfer
    • Through sale of other shares which you have pledged with us
  • Competitive Financials
    • Higher Funding: We have kept out margins low, so that you can avail a higher funding
    • Attractive interest rates: We have ensured that we keep our interest rates not just competitive but also attractive. Moreover we have kept the interest rates flexible so as to suit the tenure of your loans.
    • Nominal documentation and processing charges: Pay only a nominal amount for documentation and processing charges
    • Minimum charges for prepayment: To ensure that your happiness of early repayment is not dampened by the heavy prepayment charges, we have kept the prepayment charges to the minimum
  • Other Benefits
    • Bulk deals: We also offer bulk deals for offloading large number of ESOPs.

A Financing Partner Who Understands Your & Your Employee’s Needs

At Nuvama Wealth Finance Limited (Formerly Edelweiss Finance and Investment Limited) we understand the complexities that are involved when an employee wishes to exercise the ESOPs granted by his/her employer, both from the employee and employer perspective given the vast presence of the employer geographically and due to sheer number of the employees whom ESOPs are granted. Also, it becomes a moral responsibility of the employer to assist the employee in unlocking the value of the ESOPs and hence necessity of a financing partner arises.

When you partner with us, we ensure that we run this activity as owners, not only do we ensure that we take care of lot of activities related to these processes from funding perspective; we also ensure that your employees receive nothing but the best services from us. With us you can be assured that world class service standards are reaped not only by you but also your employees.

Nuvama Advantage:

  • Advisory
    • We provide advisory on formulating entire process of exercising of ESOPs for employees
    • We also provide solutions on creating tools and platforms to smoothen the exercising of options
  • Partnership
    • We create/provide a common platform for all the employees to seek information
    • We also conduct joint trainings on the entire process along with you (corporate)
  • Financing Solutions
    • We provide financial solutions to employees to help them exercise the options
    • We strive and ensure that our charges are not just uniform but the most competitive in market so that your employees can benefit from our financing solutions
    • We also provide flexible schemes including cashless schemes to suit needs of the employees along with providing flexible repayment options
  • Communication
    • We provide financial solutions to employees to help them exercise the options
    • We help channelize communication for various employees by routing them through a single source, thus reducing hassle of coordinating with large number of employees
    • We also handle pre and post funding communications with the central team for smoother processing of applications
  • No liability on corporate
    • We ensure there is no liability on the corporate for the financing arrangement between the employee and Nuvama